The process of creating custom silicone products begins with specific needs of amputees and practitioners.

We work closely with practitioners to provide the type of product necessary for patients’ comfort, and this can be achieved in a number of different ways. We can work from a cast of a patient that would include specific instructions about how the silicone component should be fabricated, providing as many specific details as possible. When practical, it might be preferable for the practitioner to physically send an item to our shop. However, this is only done in unique situations; whether it is a socket that needs a specific component, or a liner that you would like to have cloned or duplicated out of silicone.

At this time we are not set up to accept computer files or CAD files and cannot yet create products based on scans.

If you have questions about whether we can accommodate your unique and specific custom silicone needs, don’t hesitate to ask. You might be surprised; we are able to fabricate most any component imaginable.