Wayne Koniuk started Custom Silicone Fabrications of San Francisco after more than 30 years in the O&P industry. When he’s not rebuilding cars, fabricating machine parts, creating amazingly lifelike dinosaur heads for Hollywood or working as a highly acclaimed inventor, he is further refining the subtleties of silicone in his shop for use in prosthetic shops across the U.S.

As a second generation prosthetist, Wayne grew up in the O&P world where, in San Francisco, his father Walter Koniuk started Custom Orthopedic Appliances in 1954. Wayne’s interest in helping others grew through the years, and after pursuing medicine in college, Wayne returned to his roots and became a Certified Prosthetist in 1978.

As a prosthetist, Wayne experimented with any medium that would provide the maximum comfort for his patients, and by far the most versatile material available was silicone. Eventually, the use of silicone in the lab led to its cutting edge applications in prosthetics. In 1985 Wayne got his first patent using silicone, and never looked back.

This pioneering work using silicone with prosthetic liners came at a time when the industry was ripe for change. Through his years as a practicing prosthetist, and after treating over 10,000 patients, Wayne found that “off the shelf” or “one size fits all” liners just were not the answer for everyone.

But his innovative use of silicone didn’t stop with liners. Not only is Wayne creating custom silicone liners, but he is working with prosthetists all over the country to create various types of silicone prosthetic components. The varied array of these components include partial feet, soft and extremely comfortable end pads and virtually any customizable silicone fabrication one could imagine.